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EMW or Electronic Music Works company was born from his owner's passion for synthesizers, audio and MIDI technology.
This interest in sound synthesis started in the 80's, and since then we started researching and building the first projects and also put together an expressive synthesizers collection, that served as important references for each new design. Only in 2011 and with almost 30 years of study, we felt ready to start offering our products to the public. We are commited to create sound devices with great quality and that brings back the real analog sound feel.

We were never only interested in business success, we work to bring back the vibration that people feel on each played note, on each new sound that is created. We hope our clients can sense the effort, dedication and passion present in every equipment that carries the EMW logo, helping us to achive our goal of making our little contribution to the world musical scene.

Thank you very much,

EMW - Electronic Music Works, Inc.


Some photos from our Company's production line: