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The 8-STEP LEVEL SEQUENCER is a versatile Eurorack module designed to sequence audio or Control Voltage (CV) signals.

1. Inputs and Outputs:
- AUDIO IN: Accepts CV or Audio signals.
- AUDIO OUT: Outputs the processed audio or CV signal.
- CV OUT: Outputs Control Voltage corresponding to each step.
2. Recording Mode:
- Flip the panel switch to "REC" to enter the recording mode.
- The first LED (1) will illuminate, and the "RUN MODE / LEVEL" potentiometer controls the volume of the incoming signal for this step.
- Once the desired volume is set, press the "STEP" button to record this level and move on to the next step, and so on, until all 8 steps are recorded.
- The recorded levels remain in the module's memory, even after power-off.
3. Run Mode:
- Switch to "RUN" mode and input a clock signal into "CLK IN".
- The module will alter the volume of the incoming wave (in AUDIO IN) according to the 8 recorded steps, producing the corresponding Control Voltage at "CV OUT".
- The CV can be used to modify an oscillator's frequency, transforming the module into an 8-step sequencer, or it can modulate other parameters like a VCF's frequency.
4. Extra Features:
- MOD.IN: An external modulation input.
- HOLD: A signal input that halts the sequencer at its current step while the HOLD signal is active.
- Operation Modes (While in RUN): The potentiometer allows for different sequencing behaviors (UP, DOWN, ALTERNATE, and RANDOM).

The 8-STEP LEVEL SEQUENCER creates engaging sequences, where parameters can vary in synchrony with the incoming wave or CV, providing interesting musical and sonic possibilities.

EMW - Electronic Music Works

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  • Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8HP width
  • Power consumption +12V [28mA]  /  -12V [20mA]
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Weight 102g
  • Depth: 50mm