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Introducing the BPM CENTER, the all-in-one hub for clock generation and advanced modulation in your modular synthesizer. This feature-rich module doesn't just keep the tempo; it provides a broad range of pulse and LFO options, allowing you to craft intricate modulations and triggers—all perfectly in sync with your BPM.

Pulse Outputs
STEP 1 Output (1): Produces a single pulse at the beginning of each measure.
BPM Output (2): Delivers 4 pulses per measure for more granular control.
8 Pulses Output (3): Gives you 8 pulses per measure.
16 Pulses Output (4): Provides 16 pulses per measure for high-resolution triggering.
x128 Output: Generates 128 pulses per measure, ideal for creating unique subdivisions.

LFO Outputs
WAVE OUT: Offers a choice of 16 waveform types and three BPM-multiple frequencies.
Four Independent LFO Outputs (1-4): Each comes with a selection of 3 waveforms (TRI, RAMP, SAW) and 5 BPM-multiple frequencies for precise modulation.
Additional Features:
Manual Sync Push-button: For on-the-fly synchronization.
Start/Stop Switch: Easy control over your sequence.
Control Input (0-5V) for Sync: Allows external synchronization.
Control Input (0-5V) for Start/Stop: For flexible start/stop control.

Take your modular synthesis to the next level with the BPM CENTER—synchronization and modulation have never been this seamless.

EMW - Electronic Music Works

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  • Eurorack (3U) form factor 10HP width
  • Power consumption +12V [34mA]  /  -12V [4mA]
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Weight 125g
  • Depth: 50mm