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The EMW 4-CH POLY-MIDI is a 4-channel MIDI to CV converter with 3 operating modes:

- Multi Mode (M), where it operates as 4 independent MIDI to CV converters.
- Poly First Mode, which assigns each note to the next available converter channel.
- Poly Next Mode, which sequentially alternates outputs, enabling a different voice to be activated with each note.

The Set mode allows you to easily and quickly adjust the MIDI channel for each of the converter's channels. It also features 4 voltage outputs proportional to the velocity of each keypress, an ideal feature for creating incredible modulations in your modular synthesizer. Additionally, a MIDI CLOCK output is provided for synchronization and triggering of other modules.

With its intuitive interface and versatile functionality, the EMW 4-CH POLY-MIDI is an essential tool for synthesizer enthusiasts looking to bridge the world of MIDI with the vast possibilities of modular synthesis. Whether for live performance or studio experimentation, this module offers reliable and creative control over your modular system.

EMW - Electronic Music Works

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  • Eurorack  (3U) form factor 10HP width
  • Power consumption +12V [52mA]  /  -12V [10mA]
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Weight 120g
  • Depth: 50mm