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The EMW MIDI STEP SEQUENCER module is a very straight forward 16-step MIDI sequencer that allows  you  to  create  complete  pattern-based sequences  very  quickly.  It  has  features  such  as octave control, reset, and hold inputs as well as a "Beat 1" trigger input that allows it to interface with other  modules  in  many  different  ways.  A  pulse signal from a LFO patched into the to the "+1 OCT" input  adds  very  interesting  variations  into  the sequence.

EMW - Electronic Music Works

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  • Eurorack (3U) form factor - 12 HP width
  • Stores up to 8 sequences of 16-steps each
  • Play Modes UP, DOWN, ALTERNATED (Up-Dwn) and RANDOMIC
  • Link function to link up to 4 sequences
  • Octave (+/-) can be controled by logic level (5V.)
  • Reset, Hold and Beat 1 trigger output to sync with other modules
  • Power consumption: +12V [22mA]  /  -12V [0mA]
  • Connectors 3.5mm
  • Weight 152g
  • Depth: 50mm