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Step into a landscape of new sounds with our NOISE CINEMA, an innovative Eurorack module designed to transcend traditional boundaries.
This module offers synthesizer enthusiasts the unique ability to shape and manipulate noise, creating atmospheres that capture the essence of imaginary scenes and intense experiences.
With NOISE CINEMA, every adjustment is a journey to the heart of sound, where noise becomes the protagonist of your soundtrack. From soft whispers to tumultuous sonic storms, the possibilities are limitless.
Equipped with intuitive controls such as Morph, which smoothly transitions between 10 noise atmospheres, continuous or envelope modes, sample rate reduction, a special tone control, and a digital delay, this module allows for detailed and deep exploration of sound textures.
Ideal for those want to expand their creative horizons, NOISE CINEMA is more than a module—it's a gateway to a world where sound shapes vision and emotion.
Turn noises into narratives, atmospheres into adventures, and the ordinary into the extraordinary.
NOISE CINEMA, because every sound tells a story.

EMW - Electronic Music Works

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  • Eurorack  (3U) form factor 12 HP width
  • Power consumption +12V [70mA]  /  -12V [5mA]
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • Weight 170g
  • Depth: 55mm