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THE EML-300 and the EMW-300

The EML-300 was released as a controller or an expansion for the EML-200. It carries an aditional oscillator and have very interesting features that vastly expands the sound creation and controlling of the model 200. Although the original EML-300 has not been designed as a stand-alone instrument, it can do a pretty good job in several situations, according to the type of production that we are working on.
The good news is that our EMW-300 received an extra strenght that allows it to be a more atractive machine in many cases, thats because we implemented an automatic trigger to the Voltage Generator that turns this module on a 16-steps analog sequencer. On some demo videos you will see it working alone but keep in mind that it really shines when acting in conjunction with other modular systems or rather with the EMW-200, of course, thats the main reason why it was made for.

EMW - Electronic Music Works

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We are going to separate the machine in its three main parts, explain and show some videos that exemplifies its use and capabilities.

The Manual Voltage Generator

As you can see on the above image, the Voltage Generator has 16 rotary knobs and 16 corresponding keys arranged in 4 lines with 4 controls each, the first upper-left knob corresponds to the first upper-left key and so on. Each rotary knob adjusts a voltage that appears on the Voltage and Sampled outputs when you press the corresponding key.
On the video below we show the basic operation of the Voltage Generator together with some Attack/Decay adjustments and the Manual/Auto switch.

The Note Generator

The Note Generator module has the following sub-modules:
- One oscillator (VCO) with center frequency and modulation input (SWING).
- One Envelope Generator with Attack and Decay controls.
- An internal oscillator with RATE, PULSE WIDTH and RANGE (HIGH/LOW) frequency control.
- A switch to select between MANUAL or AUTO operation mode for the note duration.
- A START/STOP push-button to control the Note Generator on automatic mode.

From left to right there are two Envelope Outputs, two Gate Outputs, two main Outputs from the Note Generator, two VCO outputs (without envelope) and one Modulation input for the VCO. Also present on the back panel are an input for external trigger and a switch to select these two trigger modes (Internal/External) for the Automatic Note generator or sequencer. The next video shows the Note Generator in action.

The Manual Switch module

The Manual Switch is a simple and very usefull module, it has two 2-way switch systems that allow us do the routing of any signal from the input to one of the outputs. It also has a 5 Volts pulse output that is controlled by a push-button (PULSE). On the above video we used this simple resource to alter the sequencers octave by directing a proportional voltage to the VCO modulation input.