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Create new sounds for your JX-8P / MKS-70 synthesizer.

What is the EMW Patch Synthesizer?

The EMW Patch Synthesizer is an intelligent patch creator. It operates on a certain degree of randomness but it is not just a simple patch randomizer like the ones that can be found on patch editors. Its internal software uses an intelligent algorithm to maximize the usability of the generated sounds.


EMW - Electronic Music Works

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Why use it? Or why use it instead of a Patch Editor?

The Patch Synthesizer does not exclude the use of a patch editor, they can be used together to extend the sound creation possibilities. One thing that is usual when creating a patch is that we humans have our preferences and always tend to use the same parameters, envelope settings and modulations, this is not bad but limits the creative process in a significant way.
Think about the EMW Patch Synthesizer as a new point of view generator, another opinion in sound creation or a friend that can throw some light and new perspectives. Its really like not to be alone in the process anymore.

For which synthesizers is it available?

We now have the Patch Synthesizer for the following synthesizer models:

- Roland Alpha Juno 1, Alpha Juno 2 and MKS-50
- Roland JX-8P and MKS-70
- Korg DW8000 and EX8000
- Casio CZ101, CZ1000, CZ3000, CZ5000 and CZ1
- Yamaha TX-81Z and DX11

Can I use the Patch Synthesizer with another synthesizer model?

Unfortunately not, it just works with the specified models and will have no effect on others.

How can I connect it?

Setting up the Patch Synthesizer for operation is very simple:
1 - Attach the suplied power supply to a 100 to 240 VAC power outlet and connect the DC plug to the appropriate connector on the back of the Patch Synthesizer.
2 - Using a standard MIDI CABLE connect the MIDI OUT from the Patch Synthesizer to the MIDI IN of your synthesizer.


Its important that the synthesizer be enabled to receive MIDI System Exclusive Messages or SysEx.